• Website: sallytheghosthunter.com

  • Creators: Tomte (artist and co-writer) and Vanja (writer)

  • Genre: Horror / Supernatural / Mystery

  • Format: Comic series

  • Launched: July 10, 2012


"Sally The Ghost Hunter" is a comic series about Sally; a young girl that lives in an old house in the middle of some abandoned farmlands, far away from most people.

She lives there together with her cute cat, Mee, and a mysterious masked man who rarely talks. Her whole  life revolves around hunting down ghosts, and in each episode she'll meet different people that seeks her help to get rid of the haunting.

But why is Sally so determined to hunt down ghosts...? And who is that mysterious masked man? The story of Sally will reveal itself throughout the series!



  • Website: darkheim.com

  • Creators: Vanja

  • Genre: Horror / Supernatural / Fantasy / Mystery

  • Format: Comic series

  • Launched: January 2, 2015


Up in the mountains there’s a small town called Sunheim. It’s a peaceful town, with seemingly normal people…but underneath the surface, there are whispers about strange going-ons of both odd and supernatural nature. And there are frequent earthquakes, that seems to never hit the news or gets registered anywhere…

On the forest road one night, two young boys are heading back home to Sunheim after partying in a neighbor town. An accident happens, and soon the small town’s old dark secret will get revealed to the youngsters involved…



  • Website: pinupsfromhell.com

  • Creators: Tomte

  • Genre: Horror

  • Format: Illustrations, Black and White

  • Launched: January 6, 2015


"Pinups From Hell" is a collection of illustrations by Tomte, featuring ladies and monstergirls showing their darkest sides!



  • Website: monsterlovehotel.com

  • Creators: Vanja

  • Genre: Adult (NSFW)

  • Format: Game

  • Launched: April 15, 2015


"Monster Love Hotel" is an adult game that includes sexy monstergirls!



  • Website: findinghimgame.com

  • Creators: Vanja

  • Genre: Romance, Surrealism, Fantasy

  • Format: Game

  • Launched: No date set yet


"Finding Him" is a surreal exploration game!



  • Website: bellamortispresents.com

  • Creators: Tomte (artist and co-writer) and Vanja (writer)

  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense

  • Format: Comic series

  • Launched: 01 October 2015


"Bella Mortis Presents" is a horror webcomic series featuring short stories.

Bella herself is a demoness who tells you the stories while you visit her in her gloomy residence. Her stories will have various genres...some will be supernatural, while others will feature subjects like serial killers, stalkers and other real-life horrors. Some stories will focus on suspense and mystery, while others will have a slight hint of fantasy and sometimes even comedy.

So sit back and enjoy while Bella Mortis tells you her tales...



  • Website: zombolia.com

  • Creators: Vanja (animator and programmer) and Tomte (background/level graphics artist)

  • Genre: Adult (NSFW), Adventure

  • Format: Game

  • Launched: 08 August 2018


A sidescrolling jungle adventure game. It can be played both as a "SFW and "NSFW" version (the latter containing adult sprite sex animations and other animated scenes).



We are a two-person team creating webcomics, illustrations and games, mostly in fantasy and horror genres, and adult (NSFW) stuff ^_^

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